General Questions

What exactly is Electric Cloud

Electric Cloud is a CBD and adaptogen infused beverage that is designed to lift and level the mind. Our ingredients are all natural and blended to perfection. We use 8 total adaptogens that work well synergistically to support our bodies natural stress responses. Electric Cloud contain 0g of sugar. They are also zero calories making them a perfect healthy and natural boost to your overall wellness. While adaptogens are known for their support with stress responses they can also support energy and mood as well.

When should I drink Electric Cloud?

Adaptogens can be used throughout different times in our day. Though we designed Electric Cloud for two main goals in mind:

Morning mindfulness: For focusing the mind first thing, ready to take on the day.

Afternoon uplift: For re-centering and recharging mid afternoon, giving the mind the mental space to continue at its best.

How can I contact support?

Hi, hello! We’d love to hear from you. Email us at and our team can help you out.

Where can I find Electric Cloud in stores?

Electric Cloud is focused on growing as organically as possible. We currently partner with independent grocers and health stores. To find Electric Cloud at a store near you, head over to our handy store locator.


Does Electric Cloud contain caffeine?

Electric Cloud does not contain caffeine. Electric Cloud is designed to support the body and resist stressors that can occur with the use of caffeine. We developed our formula to boost energy and mood through the use of all natural plant extracts without the use of caffeine. 

What is Electric Cloud sweetened with?

Electric Cloud is sweetened with a combination of Erythritol and Stevia. Never anything artificial. 

Where can I find nutritional information?

You can view all nutritional info on our nutritional page.

Is Electric Cloud carbonated?

Electric Cloud is lightly carbonated to perfection. 

Can I consume Electric Cloud while pregnant or breastfeeding?

We always recommend checking with your primary healthcare provider before adding something new to your diet!


How can I sign up for a recurring subscription?

We made our subscription simple as can be and hiccup-free. When you head over and select any of our products, you will see two purchase options: the one-time order at full price, and the subscribe and save which saves you $10 on each order (seems like a no-brainer, right?).

How can I swap my subscription flavor?

Simply text “START” to (833) 974-1229 to make any changes. And if you prefer the old-fashioned way (we get it), you can always log in to your Electric Cloud account via our website instead. 

Can I skip a shipment?

Of course! Simply text "START" to (833) 974-1229 to make any changes. You can also login to your Electric Cloud account and manage your subscription by clicking "skip"

How will I receive my exclusive perks?

We'll send subscriber-only discounts, exclusive early access to new products and flavors right your email. 

How can I use dedicated support?

Our subscription support team is here for you via text and email to help with any and all things Electric Cloud. Swap a product, change order frequency, ask a question, send us a joke—we’re here for it all. Our e-mail is and our phone number to text is (833) 974-1229.

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